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Oak Forest – Curb Painter

18 Jun 2014 · Wanda Taylor

Street Art and Why We’re Loving Oak Forrest

Oak Forest is getting cooler by the minute. Here’s why…

Doggie curbpainter

Harry Millirons, better known as the Texas Flag Curb Painter, has been painting address numbers and freehand artwork on the curbs of Houston homeowners for twenty years. These days, when you see his bicycle and beach umbrella propped along the street, you know there’s a soon-to-be very happy resident of Oak Forest or Garden Oaks.

Harry Working

Our very own realtor Nancy Martch moved to Oak Forest a year ago and quickly got to know this icon of the neighborhood. We had to know more…

Taylor Real Estate: How did you meet Harry the Texas Flag Curb Painter?

Nancy Martch: It’s hard to remember meeting Harry for the first time…everybody just knows him. But I think it was in the Oak Forrest running club I’m in. He showed up to run with us one day.

TRE: An artist and a runner – I love it!

Nancy Martch: Yeah, and now he even hosts the Oak Forest bike tours.

TRE: Oak Forest has bike tours?

Nancy Martch: Well, it’s a bit more of a pub crawl, but it’s so much fun! We had nearly 30 people last week.

TRE: Oak Forest gets cooler by the week. Okay, so tell us more about Harry and his art. How’d he get into this?

Nancy Martch: There used to be another curb number painter years ago who only painted numbers, not art. Harry helped that gentlemen for one day, and then decided to branch out on his own!

TRE: What’s his art like?

Nancy Martch: He does a lot of university logos, but can do anything really. He’ll even paint your dog! And it’s all freehand. All of his business is referral based and he even has gift certificates so that you can gift his services to a friend.

He also has a great Facebook page where he keeps all of us informed on his whereabouts in the neighborhood (that you can check out here).

TRE: This guy sounds awesome. Thanks for filling us in on your cool neighborhood, Nancy!

As we’ve said before, it’s not just the houses that comprise the Texas neighborhoods we love, but the people who live (and paint curbs) there.

Texas CurbDoggie2 curbpainterHarry's New Umbrella

Interested in knowing more about your very own Oak Forest home, complete with Harry’s artwork? Give Nancy Martch a call (info here) and she’ll gladly help you settle in (and bike and run around) one of Houston’s coolest neighborhoods. Cheers!


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  1. harry millirons aka texasflagcurbpainter says:

    Want to thank you all for the nice article ….wonderful job….