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Moving to the Houston area?

Welcome! Allow us to help you settle in. Read on for more information about this great city we call home.

For information on establishing your Texas residency, setting up utility services, getting around the Houston area and more, see the Helpful Links below.

  • Location information
    Our agents have expert knowledge about all Houston area neighborhoods and communities. We can help you find what you need, where you want to live, where to shop and more. We can also give you tips on how to navigate our freeways and public transportation.

  • Schools
    Education is key to the Houston area quality of life. Houston has a rich history of distinguished school districts and prominent colleges and universities. If you are new in town and have a family, you will appreciate the options available to you. More than 40 colleges, universities and other venues of higher education call the Houston area home.

  • Demographics
    Houston governs by areas known as Super Neighborhoods. The Super Neighborhood initiative builds on the idea that people living in the neighborhoods are better equipped to express their needs and formulate community-centered ways to meet those needs. This means residents work together to identify, plan, and set priorities to address the needs and concerns of their community.

Residents then bring their concerns to the City for resolution together. This initiative allows City government to establish deep relationships within Houston’s diverse communities.

The Super Neighborhood Council acts as the medium where business owners and residents discuss ideas and issues, prioritize development projects and formulate Super Neighborhood Action Plans that outline and direct their goals. Some Super Neighborhoods have even decided to join forces to better serve their populations.

At Taylor Real Estate Group, Inc we understand that moving to a new city can be stressful. Our relocation services give you peace of mind so that you can get to know your new town before you even arrive.

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Tips for a Smooth Transition

Timing the closing of your new home purchase with the end of your lease agreement or sale of your existing home can prove tricky. In the event that you have a transition period between moving from one home to another, you’ll need a place to live and store your belongings. In addition, you need the flexibility to move at a moment’s notice — all while living, working, attending school, or running a business. Here are a few tips that might smooth the transition.

Take care of your mail

As soon as you know that there will be a break between leaving one home and moving into the other, move as many bills, bank statements and important communications to online bill pay as possible. Do not risk having your important mail delivered to an empty house. For those items not receivable online, and especially if you receive business mail at home, consider changing your address to that of a trusted family member. If that is not possible, you might rent a mailbox. Both the US Postal Service and private mailbox providers like the UPS Store offer personal and business mailboxes along with other services. Private mailbox services can sign for deliveries and notify you when you receive packages. If your transition period is short, the USPS will hold your mail for several weeks.

Pack with transition in mind

When you have a transition, consider packing items to store, and leaving out the things you’ll need to use during those days or weeks between one place and another. Of course, you can’t plan for every contingency—weather changes, a child’s school project, an unplanned business trip—but you can mitigate some of the inconvenience by keeping some items accessible. One option is to rent a storage unit, placing furniture and other large items in the back and keeping dressers or storage boxes with seasonal clothing, school and craft supplies, and travel items within reach of the doorway.

Temporarily suspend services

Take the time to contact service providers such as Internet, cable or satellite, electricity and natural gas, newspaper, and landline phones to see if they offer options for suspending services until you transfer them to your new home. For instance, if you have an online account with Houston’s city water service, you can stop service at your old home and start water service in your new home at the click of a button.

Secure transitional housing

If your transition will last just a few weeks, you might consider accepting the hospitality of family or friends. If you work from home, have children, or just require your own space and privacy, however, there are other options. Our agents can help you locate the perfect temporary situation.

  • Residential and extended-stay hotels offer weekly and monthly rental options. Most have kitchens complete with dishes and cookware, apartment-sized refrigerators, access to laundry facilities, and weekly cleaning and linen services. Many also offer full hotel services as well. Many extended-stay hotels accommodate pets, too.

  • Corporate housing or corporate apartments refer to apartment complexes offering short-term leases. Similar to residential hotels, but typically larger—with as many as three bedrooms—corporate housing caters to business people and families needing more space than a hotel room provides.

  • Families with children might consider a more adventuresome stay at a nearby resort or campground that offers cabins, vacation cottages or lodges. A move in the off-season may make this option both affordable and fun. Be sure to factor in the extra drive time to work or school, but take advantage of nearby sightseeing and holiday amenities for some extra fun during your transition.

  • Borrow or rent an RV. Whether your move is across town, across the state or across the country, consider renting a recreational vehicle. With many RV parks located inside or near city limits, temporarily living in an RV park has many of the same advantages as a hotel.

As with all your transition needs, your professional Taylor Real Estate Group agent can provide you with relocation options and ideas to make your move as smooth as possible.

Helpful Links

City of Houston eGovernment Center
Things to Do in Houston Website
The Greater Houston Partnership
* The Weather Channel – Houston
* U.S. Postal Service
Local newspapers:

~ Houston Chronicle
~ The Leader

* Houston Public Library

Since 2002, many Texas communities have options in choosing an electricity service provider. Click here to find out which plans are available in your area.

Public Transportation
Voter Registration and County Taxes

The Houston-Galveston-Brazoria Consolidated Metropolitan Statistical Area (Houston CMSA) is comprised of eight counties: Brazoria, Chambers, Fort Bend, Galveston, Harris, Liberty, Montgomery and Waller.

Harris County Voter Registration

For other counties, see the neighborhood pages.

Driver’s License

New residents can legally drive on an unexpired U.S. state, U.S. territory or foreign driver’s license for 90 days. During those 90 days, you must apply for a Texas driver’s license to continue to drive legally. Individuals age 18 and over who hold a valid, unexpired driver’s license from another U.S. state or U.S. territory, Canada, France, South Korea or Germany (countries with whom Texas has license reciprocity agreements), will not have to take either the knowledge test or the driving test.

An individual with a valid, unexpired learner’s license from Canada, France, South Korea or Germany must take the driving test but not the knowledge test.

Individuals holding driver’s licenses from any country other than the US, Canada, France, South Korea or Germany must take the both knowledge and driving tests.

* Vehicle Registration
Embassies and Consular Offices

Are you a foreign national relocating to Houston? Ninety-two countries have consular offices located in the Houston area. Click here to find your local embassy or consulate.

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