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Selling Your Home?

Here at Wanda Taylor Real Estate Group, our agents spend their days and evenings helping folks buy and sell Houston area homes, and we’d be happy to put our experience, knowledge and professionalism to work to help you sell your home.

What should you look for in a real estate agent?

Market Knowledge

Our Houston real estate agents know Houston. From the neighborhoods to shopping, restaurants and Houston politics, we know this city inside and out. We even know what events are happening in your Houston area community.

We also understand the many components that make up Houston real estate. This means we are staying on top of Houston real estate market trends and know when an area is hot, and why. We live, work, shop, play, pray, and eat in your Houston neighborhood, so we have a pulse on what is trending and how to capture that when we set up a marketing plan to sell your home.

Access and Convenience

At Taylor Real Estate Group, our job is to act as the liaison between you and the potential buyers and agents interested in your home. Selling your home is a big deal, and we know that keeping you properly informed on all the working parts of the transaction is key to a smooth process. Whether that means calling you, texting, e-mailing or sending carrier pigeons, we will tailor our communication to meet your needs. We are here to represent you, and you can count on us to stay available and informative throughout your home-selling process.

Negotiating Power

The first steps in negotiating are determining your home’s value and listing it at an appropriate price. At Taylor Real Estate Group, our agents will not mislead you about your home’s value. We know that a home is worth the combination of what you are willing to sell it for and what someone else is willing to pay for it. It is our job to help you determine the price to place on your home. We use our knowledge of Houston neighborhoods, nearby comparable sales, current market trends, availability of lending options, the political climate, job availability forecasts and a myriad of other factors to help you determine that delicate balance between value and listing price.

Just as importantly, Taylor Real Estate Group agents are knowledgeable about Texas state laws and Houston local regulations regarding your real estate sales transactions. We know the paperwork, the requirements, the contracts, and the conditions needed to sell your home. Our agents know when specific contract conditions are appropriate, how they can affect your sale, and how to negotiate and use your real estate sales contract for your protection and to get you the most out of your transaction.

Also, our agents are pros at standing firm in representing your interests, while ensuring buyers stay interested in your property. We can vet buyers before you sign a contract and even check with their mortgage broker to ensure their pre-approval is reliable and won’t leave you stuck in a contact that will never close.

Authority and Professionalism

Taylor Real Estate Group agents are the authority on the Houston area real estate market. Not only do we treat clients with respect and professionalism, but we work behind the scenes to make sure we offer you the best service possible. This means we keep supplemental certifications up-to-date, and stay abreast of current marketing strategies. We understand each aspect of real estate, from the national implications of the housing market and regional Houston area bubbles to issues specific to your neighborhood’s housing market.

Every home has a story to tell. At Taylor Real Estate Group, we want to tell your home’s story. We know your Houston area neighborhood, your schools, your community life, festivals and celebrations. Most of all, we know your home’s market value. Click on What’s My Home Worth? below for an evaluation of your home. Our job is to expertly list your Houston area home to the get you the best possible offer, and then see you through the complete process to closing the deal.

Integrity, Values, Dedication

At Taylor Real Estate Group, we are a community of real estate professionals dedicated to making a difference in Houston and the surrounding neighborhoods with integrity, innovation, excellence and care.

At Taylor Real Estate Group, Inc. We promise to:
  • Guide our actions by the highest ethical standards
  • Foster a family-oriented environment
    Continually enhance our services with new technology and marketing options
  • Continue as strong and progressive leaders in the Houston area communities we serve
    Consistently provide superior service through our unwavering commitment to honesty, integrity, knowledge, skill and innovation

What is my home worth?

Click on What’s My Home Worth? to see helpful tips on how to determine the price of your home. Then, simply fill out the short questionnaire and a Taylor Real Estate Group professional will prepare a no-obligation estimate of your home’s value based on neighborhood market conditions, recent comparables and the specific information you supply.

Getting Started

open house

Once you have selected the realtor that is right for you, we can get down to work developing a marketing strategy just for your home, taking professional photos, and preparing the listing. Here is what you need to do:

1. Take your agent on a tour of your home. Your agent knows what buyers look for when they walk in the door of your home, so be prepared to listen to the tips your agent offers you.

We understand that selling a home can be emotional. Picturing another family in your living room with different rugs on the floors and paintings on the walls can be hard. That’s why it is our job to provide you unbiased advice on how to present your home in the best light to sell.

2. With a list of suggestions in hand, determine the budget you have available for preparing your home for sale. While this may seem counter-intuitive as you may be saving up for the down payment on your next home, the difference between a few strategic repairs and upgrades versus selling your home “as is” can be huge. Now that you have set your budget, your real estate agent can help you prioritize where to spend on a professional, which items are perfect to do yourself, and which ones can wait until last.

3. Finally, you and your agent will need to determine when to put your home up for sale. Timing is important to capture the most favorable market trends for your neighborhood. That is why having a Houston area neighborhood professional is key to selling your home quickly and at the best price. Trust your agent’s knowledge about staging for an open house, when to have it, and what to add for curb appeal and first impressions.

Things You Can Do to Prepare

While there are many things your agent can do for you, here are a few (mostly free) things you can do to ensure your home sells quickly.


We know you may have to live in your home while you are selling it, but prospective buyers need to be able to picture themselves and their family in your home. Remove anything that you are not using on a regular basis and put it in storage, give it to charity or sell it.


Removing your family photographs, children’s artwork, sports trophies and other personal items allows potential homebuyers to visualize their own personal items in your space.


Don’t let dirt that can be washed away turn off potential buyers. Scrub windows, clean carpets, wash or paint walls, remove any mold or mildew, disinfect and deodorize.

The Selling Process

When a prospective buyer makes an offer on your home, your Taylor Real Estate Group agent will contact you. Together, you and your agent will review the terms of the offer to decide what is in your best interest. Our sellers rest easy knowing that they have a professional real estate agent negotiating on their behalf.

Throughout this process, your Taylor Real Estate Group agent will

  • Review the contract with you and explain any obligations
  • Explain contingencies and time frames within the offer
  • Answer any questions you might have
  • Check on the buyers eligibility to obtain a loan
  • Help you prepare responses to offers
  • Maintain professional objectivity and allow you to make the final decision

After an offer is accepted, your Taylor Real Estate Group agent will help coordinate the rest of the transaction, making the whole process as efficient and stress-free as possible.

Ready to sell? We’re ready to help. Contact us today to get started.